Beijing Bright Technology Development Co,Ltd. was established in 1998. It is a high technology firm which is specializing in researching, designing, producing and selling of Micro printer, Programming device, Emluator and interrelated products. The Head office is in Shangdi information industry base(Brilliant International), zhong guan cun Beijing, which located in the key Science and Technology Park . Abut to Baidu in the South, abut to Lenovo in the North . We also have professional direct selling service network in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shenzhen ,Guangzhou and other big cities in China . The production capacity of Micro printer is more than 500,000 per year, and the flexible production capacity could be 1000,000; The production capacity of programmer and emulator is more than 50,000 . Its overall business scale can rank the industry forefront and fully meet the growing demand for domestic and foreign customers.
“Create value from quality, achieve development from efficiency” is the core values and outlook on development. “talent quality, product quality, service quality ” is regarded as a firm quality which is most concerned by Brightek. The most important character of a talent is moral character and competency;The most important quality of a product is brand and nature;
The most important quality of service is taste and trait .
Brightek not only has a good “quality values”, but also has fully understanding about how to use the various advanced management ideas and efficient tools, combine with practice, it improved the management system and mode of operation constantly , then reflect to the “concept of efficiency development ”of Brightek. it also makes its high quality products with more competition and low-cost advantage.
In the Inserted Micro printer and Micro POS printer area, Brightek has had “Zhan jiang”, “ling long”, “Feng ying”, “Rui feng” four major products series, and are widely used in fire safety, medical, financial, tax control, instrumentation, shopping malls, car automotive, food and beverage industries . The superior technology, the excellent function ,all makes it reaching the china even world peer . Perhaps the micro printer industry is too small, but Brightek has already been a leader quietly .

WH programming device and WH emluator are regarded as the ideal product tool for universities ,research institutes and factories. It is famous for “high quality, low prices”, and has hundreds of thousands of customers around the world in various fields.
“Responsibility, values, honor ” is Brightek’s spiritual logos ,“learning, service, innovation” is the behavior principle for Brightek workers to abide by consistently.
WH-person will have courage to take responsibility , eager to create customer value, and fully maintain the company’ s honor . We will implement and strengthen the service sense of “ for customer, for company, for others ” .We will innovate continuously , forge ahead, to make the Brightek culture to invade in every customers’ hearts, following with Brightek products and services.


Responsibility Value Honor!

Learning Service Innovation!